Friday, 10 May 2013

Optimise Your Indoor Climate…With Easy HVAC Analysis Like Never Before !

When it comes to energy, a building is a self-contained system, which can only be optimised as a whole. 
The HVAC All-Rounder - testo 480
Testo measuring technology supports HVAC tradesmen, facility managers, architects, supply engineers, experts and energy consultants for the same.

You probably come across this situation often: employees can no longer concentrate due to a lack of fresh air. It's either draughty in the workplace or it's too hot. This results in less efficiency and high energy costs for the company. A naturally pleasant climate and air of a high hygienic quality are key to a healthy working environment. That is why air technology system (VAC system) experts measure and evaluate climate and air quality. Testo measuring technology for all relevant parameters helps you to carry out this work efficiently, safely and with time savings.

HVAC is one of the fastest growing industries in India. As the number of buildings, green buildings, greenhouses, commercial complexes, malls, hospitals, high rise buildings and offices increases, more is the requirement of HVAC.
By 2050, the International Energy Agency in Paris expects a global increase of more than 300% in building areas, –which will have to be heated, ventilated and cooled. This makes the efficient and environmentally sound use of energy even more important. Current and future legislation prescribes strict measures to reduce consumption. Companies are optimizing energy control in order to lower costs. The job of the Facility Manager is now becoming “Facility Energy Manager”.

Values for flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, illuminance, radiated heat, turbulence and CO2 concentration can be recorded with our high-end testo 480 climate measuring instrument in a single step. Its intelligent probes give you accurate measuring values, with deviations being automatically eliminated after calibration. The robust multitaskers from Testo such as testo 480 and testo 435 enable you not only to carry out measurements in compliance with standards, but also to produce professional reports quickly using PC software.

Testo offers you, as specialists, accurate, quick and easy to- use measuring instruments to ensure thermal comfort when it comes to air conditioning in work areas. That way, you ensure a constantly controlled climate in store rooms and cold rooms, in production halls and server rooms. Click here for more information or write to us at 

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  1. Concept of green building too can be very much supported by testo's measuring instruments which improve efficiency and save energy.