Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Testo 870: The New Thermal Imager from Testo! We Bet You Can't Get Better than This.

See thermally without compromise.                 

testo 870. The new basic thermal imager that can take care of your basic predictive maintenance without compromise!

Keeping up to its legacy of giving the best technology to the customer, without them compromising on the technical aspects. Testo takes another big leap in bringing the economic range of thermal imagers for its customers.

With the launch of the new testo 870 we bring in the same faith with 2 years’ warrantee and the best of after sales service, and loads of features in its class; to name a few, High Resolution digital camera, Focus Free thermal image, same resolution even in the entry level model, and many more so that your thermography is not downgraded. In this we bring in two variants: testo 870 – 1 & testo 870 – 2 variants.

We understand the importance of a good thermal image and the implications on prediction because of a poor thermal image hence we have given a lot of functions in the new imager that makes thermography an easy tool to predict problems before they catch you.

Some of the important features that a good thermal imager should have are:

  • Image Resolution: a good thermal imager should have a good thermal image and this can be achieved only by using a good resolution sensor (detector); hence we bring in the same resolution detector with 160 x 120 resolution.
  • Focus: Sharper the image, easier is the analysis. Focusing is one of the keys to get a sharp image. Hence, we bring in the focus free imager which is as simple as an IR thermometer. Just beam at the object and Shoot.
  • Super Resolution: An innovative technology by testo that gives you 4 times higher data points (resolution) of your detector size, so that you can do more data analysis. Additionally, increasing the IFOV of your imager allows you to see the smallest of a problem.
  • Larger Display size: testo 870 has the horizontal large screen of 3.5” making it very easy for the user to see and analyze the image.
  • Digital camera: With the 870 – 2 we offer you a high resolution digital image of 3.1 MP to help you detect your actual point of problem and eliminate it.
  • Wider angle lens: With a wider angle lens you can cover larger area / objects from a shorter distance. The lens selected is so apt that it gives you the required information without losing the smallest data.

Write back to us to know more about testo 870: info@testoindia.com 
Log on to our site www.testo.in/870  and book your free demo now!
Understand the importance of using a good thermal imager and the benefits that you get.
With our complete backup support, state of art calibration lab and a well trained service team, we assure you maximum support for all testo products at all times.

Testo India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Testo AG, Germany was founded in 2006 in Pune. The company has established thirteen home offices in major metros and a dealers’ network covering this enormous country.

Testo AG is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of portable test and measuring instruments. Testo has also become a major supplier for HVAC industries, refrigeration, airflow and environmental monitoring instruments for markets as diverse as chemical, steel, power, cement, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, biotech etc.

Today, Testo consists of 2450 employees, 30 subsidiaries and 80 sales & service partners in other 43 countries.

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