Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thermal Imaging – an unparalleled technical advancement

In the present scenario, professionals have become very particular and conscious about there working standards and surroundings. Be it a workshop, industry, home or any other application area, setbacks are not acceptable, but are unavoidable too. Temperature differences, instrument failure, heat loss etc, tend to impose operational challenges. Facility owners and managers have successfully tried to curb down these hindrances by implementing Thermal Imaging techniques using a Thermal Imager or Thermal Camera. Thermal cameras are devices that translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyze a particular object or scene. Though this instrument has proved out to be the ultimate solution for any application/facility, yet it costs premium to offer the services.

Big Functions yet Small in price 

Considering the high cost involvements in procuring a thermal camera, Testo has taken a step ahead to provide the same high resolution thermal imaging, for which Testo is known, at a considerably low cost. The NEW testo 869 with a wide field of view is light on pocket and can be easily and intuitively operated. This allows heating, air conditioning, ventilation installations or electrical switching cabinets etc, to be tested quickly and easily. Critical temperature conditions are directly displayed using automatic hot-cold-spot recognition. The pro software for image evaluation on a PC is new in this price class. Optionally, thermal images can also be saved directly in the instrument as a JPEG and sent on site. This pocket friendly approach to facilitate the governing and operation of thermal imaging would surely be of great help.

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