Friday, 28 June 2013

Safety For You With Parallel Measurements Of Ambient CO and CO₂ With Only One Instrument!

In the past we have had separate instruments to measure CO in ambient air (testo 317-3), and CO2 in ambient air (testo 435, testo 535, testo 480). Both CO and CO2 pose serious health hazards, if found in large quantities in the ambient atmosphere. We felt the necessity to have a single instrument to measure trace levels of CO & CO2 both and that’s how testo 315-3 was born.

CO and CO₂ concentrations occur in dangerous quantities especially in the boiler houses, heating rooms, large kitchens with gas boilers and extractor hoods, or in industry and warehousing.

Previously, often only the CO content was recorded. However, the CO₂ concentration caused by say blocked flue gas exhausts is also damaging to health. It is an important early indicator for the evaluation of a functional heating or air extraction system.

Now profit from the parallel measurement of CO-/CO₂ with only one instrument with testo’s newly launched 315-3.

The testo 315-3 can be used for ambient measurements in many areas:

  • Boiler houses
  • Heating rooms
  • Restaurants, larger kitchens and canteens
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Industry and warehousing

With testo 315-3, you can measure both values simultaneously and directly! You can conveniently ensure safety, and measure with an instrument which corresponds to the European Standard EN 50543. This standard lays down technical requirements for CO / CO₂ measuring instruments. In addition to this, the testo 315-3 corresponds to British Standard BS 6173:2009 and is TÜV-tested.

Highlights of testo 315-3:
  • Parallel and direct CO-/CO₂ measurement
  • Complies with European Standard 50543
  • Convenient, easy operation
  • Measurement values transferable to testo 330 (V2010)
  • Data printout on site
  • TÜV tested        

Be equipped for the future and ensure your safety.

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