Thursday, 4 July 2013

Achieve Energy Efficiency under "Perform Achieve Trade (PAT) Scheme" with Testo's Measurement Solutions

The Perform Achieve Trade (PAT) scheme was introduced by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power, India with an aim to reduce energy consumption in industries across India. This is mainly applicable for sectors such as iron and steel, cement, fertilizers, aluminium, textiles, thermal plants and paper which are energy intensive sectors.
This scheme aims to improve the efficiency standards of these by 2015. The government notified the targets under the Energy Conservation Act 2001 for 478 industrial units and thermal power stations. These sectors cover over 65% of industrial electric consumption in the country, according to BEE estimates, and will help save 165 million ton equivalent of energy consumption annually.

The Central Government, in consultation with the Bureau, has established energy consumption norms and standards for designated consumers i.e these industries and these industries have to comply to those norms and bring down their energy consumption level in the stipulated time period. BEE has notified every industry about their energy efficiency targets. Over achievement by any industry will be converted into tradable 'Energy Savings Certificate' at the end of 2015.

To implement this scheme, every industry has to appoint an energy audit cell to keep a track on its progress towards energy efficiency targets.

Here’s where Testo can help. Testo offers entire testing & measuring instruments’ kit to equip the energy audit cell for this task.
  • Testo  Flue Gas Analyzer monitors hazardous emissions and optimizes combustion efficiency thereby reducing energy consumption and directly saving on fuel costs.
  • Testo Thermal Imager extensively helps perform preventive and predictive maintenance to avoid any energy losses – Be it electrical or mechanical maintenance.
  • Multi-parameter measuring instrument - testo 435 – effectively measures cooling fan efficiency.
  • RPM measuring instrument testo 470 is most suitable for revolving parts efficiency measurement.
  • Testo Data Loggers effectively monitor cooling tower efficiency measurement.
  • Testo Compressed Air Flow Meter checks for any compressed air leakages and monitors compressed air consumption.
  • Testo Dew Point Transmitter measures drier efficiency and checks for moisture in compressed air thereby ensuring quality of compressed air.

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