Thursday, 26 March 2015

Temperature and humidity measurement data on Cloud!

Criticality of  Temperature and Humidity  for processes
Incorrect climatic conditions can have drastic consequences: Too low temperatures in pharmacy refrigerators negatively influence the effectivity of vaccines, excessive air humidity in museums attacks the surfaces of valuable exhibits, and in food production, too high temperatures accelerate the degeneration of sensitive products. This makes monitoring of temperature and humidity extremely crucial.

Problems with traditional ways of monitoring ambient climatic conditions?
Till now, two methods were available for inspecting ambient climatic conditions: data loggers and measurement data monitoring systems. While data loggers do not automatically inform those responsible of limit value violations and need to be laboriously read out individually, the complexity of measurement data monitoring systems is their main drawback. They are quite inexpensive in terms of acquisition and maintenance and calls for time-consuming installation.

The modern and automatic way of monitoring of ambient climatic conditions.
All measurement values, always available, on any device.
Testo AG is one of the first measurement technology manufacturers to enter the Internet of Things with their NEW  Testo Saveris 2 – the Wi Fi Data Logger System. Wherever you happen to be- you may now have your processes’ climatic conditions under control. Developed by the measurement technology specialist from Germany's Black Forest, testo Saveris 2 equips you to monitor temperature and humidity easily, any time and anywhere – without compromising on the security with freedom from time-consuming softwares or complicated instruction manuals.

The NEW testo Saveris 2 with its operating base of Internet of Things no longer needs a computer to constantly being connected to the internet. Instead it makes normal day-to-day objects "intelligent", and allows them to exchange information with each other and with the web.This is exactly the principle on which the new testo Saveris 2 works: The system uses sensors to record temperature and humidity values and transmits them to the Cloud via WiFi. 

The measurement data are securely stored there, and can be flexibly called up and evaluated at all times from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, PC or tablet. This relaxes the responsible people from the pressure of always being on site in order to keep their measurement values under control. If a limit value is violated, an alarm via SMS and e-mail intimates you.

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