Monday, 25 May 2015

Advancements in the world of HVAC & Refrigeration systems

Digital technology has found its way into all other areas of life  including the refrigeration industry too. Though the analog manifolds are still widely used, numerous studies have claimed that upto three quarters of all refrigeration systems are set up incorrectly.  The digital technology is heavily replacing the traditional ways due to their better accuracy and easy legibility. A digital manifold can give up to 12.5% of energy cost savings over the traditional gadgets. 

Though analogue technology has proven to work reliably in the long term during the commissioning, servicing and maintenance of refrigeration systems, refrigeration engineers inspite of being traditionalists, are switching to the digital manifolds due to their incredible features and benefits. These digital manifolds such as the begineer’s testo 549 equip the refrigeration engineers to measure various operating parameters with just one instrument, saving time and ensuring reliability over the long-established analogue technology. 

Due to the constant evolution of technological advancements, the digital manifolds are still getting better. Today, a wide range of digital manifolds are available in the market to serve 
users at all levels; from simple servicing to commissioning, etc. The latest advancement in the field of these digital manifolds is the Android app integration in testo’s 550 and 557 digital manifold.

These manifolds with integrated app allows  you to access the measurement data on your smart phone via bluetooth, where they can be read, evaluated and documented along with e-mail reporting. This definitely would be a revolution in the field of refrigeration systems since it opens up new possibilities for even more efficient analysis and documentation; also allowing the users to work more quickly and conveniently.  

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