Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Helping you keep the processes running - New Maintenance Kit from Testo

In the technologically driven world, in the quest to make a mark in the global competition and acquire optimum market shares, companies need to hereby invest in efficient manufacturing processes and machines that would allow smooth functioning and run reliably. Maintenance does not necessarily imply rectifying of faults, instead is a tool to prevent any discrepancies to occur during the process of production capabilities.  Maintenance tools are essential to ensure competitiveness in the industry and set a place in the forefront by aiding the maintenance personnel to minimise the downtimes, ensuring safety, preventing damage to machines and thus ensuring effective utilisation of the concerned equipment which in turn helps in attaining optimum Return On Investments (ROI) by reduced maintenance costs.

Testo India understands the vital necessity of the need of the hour and launches an all NEW Maintenance Kit to enhance the maintenance functions and keep the systems running smooth to carry out the maintenance procedures to take care of the assets of the plant in the most efficient way.

New maintenance kit by Testo India, has simplified the task of the maintenance personnel to stay well- equipped and find all the maintenance tools required for testing and measuring equipment in an attractive and handy case. All the tools included in the case box are analytically selected for the maintenance function:

  • Thermal Imager testo 870-1Thermal Imager detects even the smallest temperature differences to identify anomalies in time by creating a heat profile of the components and assemblies. 
  • Compact sized RPM Meter testo 470RPM Meter measures the speed of rotation of motors, shafts, fans, and other rotating equipments.
  • Sound level meter testo 815Sound level meter is for the measurement of noise level in industries or offices.
  • Pocket sized lux meter testo 540Lux meter measures the illumination level for ambient working conditions.
  • Infrared thermometer testo 830-T1IR thermometer accurately measures temperature from a distance using infrared technology, thus making temperature measurement possible even in difficult-to-reach areas or of moving objects.

To know more, write to us at info@testoindia.com or visit www.testo.in.

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