Tuesday, 20 August 2013

On duty for a clean environment - Testo Emission Analyser

Worldwide energy consumption has doubled since 1970, and is forecast to triple by 2030. There are natural limitations to this growth. Fossil fuels are disappearing; the prices for their extraction and use are increasing. CO2, oxides or soot particles in exhaust gas pollute the environment, influence climate and endanger health. It is therefore essential that energy is produced more efficiently, thermal processes are optimized and emissions reduced. For you as an expert for large and small combustion systems, as an assessor for an official body or as a service technician, this opens up a broad spectrum of measuring, testing and monitoring jobs. The balance between the best possible operation of a system and the strict adherence to legal limit values can only be kept with the help of measurement technology.

Whether you wish to carry out spot-check or long-term measurements, you can determine the concentrations of O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2 , HC or H2S with high-performance flue gas analyzers from Testo. You can reliably solve any measurement task in emission testing or in the optimization of thermal processes. Measurement procedures stored in the instrument’s memory allow fast efficient measurements on site.

The production of base materials such as steel, cement, glass or chemicals is energy-intensive. Most plants work around the clock. Energy consumption is therefore a decisive cost factor, and relevant to your competitiveness. At the same time, ever tighter pollution control board norms demand the reduction of the pollutant emission. For this reason, you invest in a flue gas analyser. It gives two pronged benefits: 1. It helps to optimally adjust combustion systems – be it a boiler, furnace, turbine or an incinerator. Optimizing combustion efficiency implies near complete combustion of fuel and thereby reducing fuel consumption and cutting fuel bills as well. 2. It monitors hazardous emission limit values and helps to comply with pollution control board norms.

Thus, protecting resources, reducing emissions and maintaining sustainability..!

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