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Exactly the right instrument for every application - Measurement Solutions for Pharma and Health

In terms of investment, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology have the second-largest growth potential after the transport and automotive industry. This is the result of a study by Ernst & Young. According to this study, China leads the ranking of investment countries, followed by India, the USA and Brazil. This places demand on measurement technology all too well.  The monitoring and documentation of climate data is prescribed. Pharmaceutical guidelines such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) form the basis for this, and place the emphasis on conformity, traceability and reliability.
Whether in laboratories, cleanrooms, storage, transport or the health sector: With Testo solutions you are always on the safe side!

Secure laboratory results can only be achieved with outstanding products -whether for long-term or spot-check measurements, for measurement parameters such as temperature, humidity or pH value. The pH value is probably the parameter most often measured in aqueous solutions. This is why robust, precise measurement technology, as offered for example by the pH/temperature measuring  instruments from the testo 206 series is so important. The measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris monitors the climate in refrigerated rooms and deep-freezers as well as the room climate. It transfers the measured values automatically by wireless or Ethernet to the Saveris base station.

Production & cleanrooms:
The prerequisite for numerous pharmaceutical applications is a controlled production environment. Contamination must be avoided; the end product must be free of pollution by dust. Cleanrooms offer a clean, sterile environment and constant climatic conditions. Temperature, humidity, air volume flow and pressure cascades to the outside rooms can be precisely adjusted.
The multi-function measuring instrument testo 480 is the first choice for the installation and commissioning of ventilation systems for a cleanroom. It supports the standard-compliant adjustment of the systems and records all the relevant parameters in ambient air measurements.
In cleanroom areas, defined pressure differences between cleanroom zones ensure optimum conditions. Special pressure concepts guarantee the air stays pure and prevent cross-contamination. In order to maintain the hygiene conditions, the differential pressures must be continuously measured and regulated. The cleanroom-conform differential pressure transmitter testo 6383 in panel design is installed in the wall, so that its surface is flat. The stationary transmitter testo 6351 regulates and monitors the differential pressure. It additionally calculates the measurement parameters volume flow and flow velocity. In combination with the measurement data monitoring system testo Saveris, the measurement values are recorded, forwarded, centrally documented and compiled into clear reports. All fully automatically.

Storage & transport:
Many raw materials, intermediate and end products are temperature and humidity-sensitive. Their storage site may be neither too warm nor too cold, neither too dry nor too humid.
In order to eliminate the danger of damage to medicaments, you also adhere strictly to the prescribed temperatures for storage. The ambient conditions in the production and storage of medicaments, vaccines or blood products must be continuously monitored and documented. And in addition to this, increased productivity is only possible when you automate measurement data recording. testo Saveris was designed for exactly this purpose. When adjustable upper or lower limit values are exceeded, the system provides audible or optical alarms by SMS or e-mail.
Our data loggers such as the testo 175 T1 are as handy as they are user-friendly and reliable. They are the perfect companion for temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring, not only during transport.

Health Sector:
Whether in clinic laboratories, blood banks, in operating theaters or in hospital dispensaries: quality, safety and efficient processes are central requirements in the health sector. The continuous monitoring of ambient values and other measurement parameters is therefore of great significance for you as the person responsible for processes or quality. Multi-function measuring instruments such as the testo 435 keep a close eye on indoor air quality. The portable, universally applicable temperature measuring instrument testo 925 is similarly versatile. With the broad range of probes for process tests and spot-check measurements, for air, penetration and surface measurements, you monitor difficult-to-access sites as well as exhaust gases or ambient temperature.

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