Thursday, 8 August 2013

Is the quality of your cooking oil under check? Cooking oil tester testo 270 not only ensures quality but also saves costs.

Regular monitoring of cooking oil is highly essential.  The polar components (TPM – Total Polar Materials) provide information on the age and quality of the oil. If it is aged, it shows an increased TPM value. As a result, qualitatively inferior deep-fried goods are produced, and can additionally contain health-damaging substances. Between 14 and 22 percent TPM, cooking oil develops its best potential. Checking the TPM value, for example using the cooking oil tester testo 270, therefore not only fulfils these safety & health requirements, but also allows you to profit from the optimum lifetime of the oil.

The Challenge
Regularly monitoring cooking oil and using it in optimum quality can be a great challenge for many businesses. The time factor plays a crucial role in this. Regularly checking cooking oil quality during ongoing operations, breaking through the strict work routine in order to carry out the measurement, explaining the handling of the measuring instrument to the staff, and in spite of all this still working hygienically according to the HACCP guidelines, is no easy matter. It is essential that the measurement is carried out efficiently, e.g. by having the instrument immediately ready for use at any time. Apart from this, every member of staff must be able to carry out the measurement without previous knowledge and intensive training. Nor can compromises ever be made in matters of hygiene. The measuring instrument must therefore be easy to clean. It goes without saying, that in the hectic day-to-day business in a kitchen, an instrument can become damaged, and therefore needs to be very robust.

The Solution
Measurements with the testo 270 follow a simple principle: Switch on, simply immerse in hot oil, measure, finished! The tester is ready for use immediately after switching on, and operable with only three self-explanatory buttons. The limit values for the TPM value can be defined by the user according to individual quality requirements. The Auto-Hold function is very useful as it shows when the measurement value is stable. The TPM content of the analyzed oil is now displayed twice. On the one hand as a percentage in the extremely easily legible backlit display. And on the other hand, an alarm bar display shows the quality of the oil in colour according to the traffic-light principle. The staff can now see the quality of the oil at a glance, and can react accordingly if a replacement is due. After the measurement of the oil, the "TopSafe“ protective cover is simply removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. The oil can be removed from the breakproof, embedded sensor under running water using a mild detergent.

The Benefits
The highly accurate testo 270 cooking oil measuring instrument guarantees that the oil and the foods prepared in it are of the highest quality. Regular measurement prevents the oil from being replaced too early or too late. This additionally saves costs. In sum, the measurement accuracy, easy handling and robust design result in the true benefit for the customer: efficient measurement, economic use of resources and the assurance of product quality. All these factors make the testo 270 an indispensible helper wherever deep-fried goods are produced with care, and where checks still need to be carried out as quickly and as easily as possible.

More Information
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