Thursday, 26 September 2013

Be Rest Assured Of Your Test Results If They Are With Testo

In many applications in research and development, the measurement of temperature and temperature curves is essential. Unfavorable temperature developments, e. g. on electronic components, can reduce the quality of the product. The use of a thermal imager, which presents the infrared radiation of the measurement as an image, allows the reliable measurement of surface temperature, even on the smallest objects in the micrometre range. Thermal imagers thus already support the maintenance of the quality and specifications of the final product at the development stage.

With Testo measuring instruments, you create standardized conditions for reliable results.
On the long path from the idea to the product, the risk of inconclusive test series must be minimized in the interests of economic viability. However, it is possible to guarantee constant parameters as a prerequisite for successful research and development.

Testo offers climate monitoring instruments for ambient conditions monitoring. Multi function instruments like testo 435 and testo 480 measure absolute pressure, ambient air moisture & temperature, velocity, CO2 among other parameters.

Precise Testo measurement technology supports you reliably when you are recreating corrosive environmental influences in a laboratory, simulating loads on an engine test bench or testing integrated circuits in a cleanroom.
Testo’s Flue Gas Analysers are extensively used in research institutes for combustion studies in IC engines. It checks CO and O2 levels for complete combustion and monitors NOx levels for indicating wear & tear of the engine. Testo Flue Gas Analysers 340 & 350 are widely used for engine testing and exhaust analysis.

The optimization of the heat flow in assemblies and components is a central topic in product development. With the thermal imager testo 890, you not only measure surface temperature, you also record thermal processes exactly in real time. The data of the thermographic video recording can be stopped and analyzed at any point: at any moment, all temperature measurement points per pixel are available.

Testo offers precision measurement technology that is designed and built for highest reliability in R&D, project planning & execution, experiments and lab testing.
There are many other utility measuring instruments finding applications in the field of research & project development – contact and non-contact thermometers, RPM meter for rotating equipment such as motors, sound level meters for noise measurement and others.
Digital refrigeration manifolds find applications in compressor & cooling studies.

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