Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Making your utility and maintenance tasks easier with sound level and RPM measuring instruments

Sound level measurement:

 You often need an instrument that can be used for monitoring sound level measurements in the areas of air conditioning or heating, on combustion plants or at workplaces. Machine or discotheque noise can also be evaluated quickly and precisely with testo sound level measuring instrument testo 815 or testo 816. This dB meter is the ideal instrument for the evaluation of sound level in everyday work. 

Using the Fast/slow button, the measurement time can be set from 1 s to 125 ms, in order to better evaluate the noise source. The frequency analysis can also be switched from characteristic curve A to C. The characteristic curve A corresponds to the sound pressure perception of the human ear, whereas characteristic curve C can also evaluate the low-frequency components of a sound. With the help of the optional calibrator, the measuring instrument can be recalibrated directly on site with the screwdriver provided. The wind protection cap included in delivery ensures correct measurement results when measuring outdoors and if required can protect the microphone from dirt and dust. The testo 816 also has an AC and DC output. Via the AC output, recorders or amplifiers can be connected directly to the instrument, and via the DC output, graphical recorders or data loggers can be used easily and directly on site.

RPM measurement:

For non-contact RPM measurement, with the testo 465, you can measure rpm easily without contact using only one hand. The measuring instrument is thus suitable for measurements on rotating parts such as ventilators and shafts. Simply attach a reflective marker (optional) to the measurement object, point the visible red beam of light at the reflective marker, and measure.

Whereas for non contact and mechanical RPM measurement, the rpm measuring instrument testo 470, which can be operated with one hand, offers an optimum combination of optical and mechanical rpm measurement. By simply attaching an adapter for a probe tip or a speed disc, the optical measurement becomes a mechanical one. This allows speeds and lengths to be measured additionally. 
The high light-intensity hand stroboscope testo 476 is used when it is necessary to make fast-moving objects appear in slow motion. The hand stroboscope-Pocket Strobe measures and tests rotation and vibration movements. It allows the measurement of very small objects, or in places which are not directly accessible – and it does this without interrupting the production process! The testo 476 is thus optimally suitable for rpm measurements and for the inspection of components moving at high frequencies. The testo 477 LED hand stroboscope too is used for high revolutions.

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