Thursday, 19 September 2013

Climate Monitoring Solutions for the most diverse industries

Automated and uninterrupted climate measurement and data recording is possible with Testo’s wireless data monitoring system testo Saveris. It monitors temperature and humidity values without interruption in wide-ranging measurement sites. Wireless and Ethernet probes allow versatile applications:
• Monitoring and documentation in Production, Quality Assurance and R & D
• Monitoring of the storage climate of valuable inventory, medicaments and foods
• Monitoring of the food cold chain
The Base is the heart of testo Saveris and can store 40,000 measurement values. The large selection of wireless probes allows a practically unlimited versatility of application. The existing LAN structure can be used with the Ethernet probes. The Router improves wireless connection in unfavorable constructional situations. By connecting a Converter to an Ethernet socket, the signal from a wireless probe can be converted to an Ethernet signal.
Testo Wireless Automated Climate Monitoring System finds applications in:

Food Markets:

- Monitoring of cold chain via temperature measurement in cooling chambers in the storage room, in the supermarket and in showcases
- Complete documentation according to law is guaranteed, comply with HACCP
- Availability of quality data for Headquarters

Production/ QA – Food:

- Monitoring of cold chain in storage rooms
- Climate control in production area and in processes
- Complete documentation according to law is guaranteed

Small Food Producers/ Kitchens:

- Monitoring of cold chain via temperature measurement in cooling chambers and showcases
- Monitoring of defined temperatures in restaurants and kitchens
- Complete documentation according to law is guaranteed


- Temperature monitoring and documentation of medicine refrigerators and of medicine stockrooms
- Comply with regulations (often stricter for blood bottles than for other medicine)

Production / QA Pharmaceutical:
- Monitoring or validation of temperature or climate data compared to target values

Production / QA – General Industry:
- Monitoring of climate data in production areas, storage rooms and climate chambers
- Temperature control in refrigerators/ heat treatment chambers

Engineering Services:

- Long-term or short-term temperature monitoring Performance analysis of VAC systems

R&D / Science & Education:
- Monitoring and documentation of climate and process data for rooms, machines and processes
- Temperature monitoring in laboratories and hospitals
- Long-time and short-time installations possible

Facility Climate (Office Building/Malls/Museums/Archives, etc): 

- Long-term monitoring and central documentation of climate parameters in museums, archives, libraries, office buildings, server rooms

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