Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shifting Gears Smoothly…from Design to Market with Testo Measurement Solutions for Automotive Industry

Out of tradition, with modern technology: Testo offers precise measurement technology for various applications in automotive industry.

Research & Development
In many applications in research and development, the measurement of temperature and temperature curves is essential. Because unfavorable temperature developments, e. g. on electronic components, can reduce the quality of the product. The use of a thermal imager, which presents the infrared radiation of the measurement as an image, allows the reliable measurement of surface temperature, even on the smallest objects in the micrometre range. Thermal imagers thus already support the maintenance of the quality and specifications of the final product at the development stage.
On the long path from the idea to the product, the risk of inconclusive test series must be minimized in the interests of economic viability. However, it is possible to guarantee constant parameters as a prerequisite for successful research and development. Precise Testo measurement technology supports you reliably when you are recreating corrosive environmental influences in a laboratory, simulating loads on an engine test bench or testing integrated circuits elsewhere. The optimization of the heat flow in assemblies and components is a central topic in product development. With the thermal imager testo 890, you not only measure surface temperature, you also record thermal processes exactly in real time. The data of the thermographic video recording can be stopped and analyzed at any point: at any moment, all temperature measurement points per pixel are available.

Project Planning
With Testo measurement technology, you develop innovative and energy-saving solutions for all areas of industry. For the purposes of lowering costs in production and in the final product, industry is reliant on resource-efficient processes, on machines whose mechanical, electric or pneumatic drives consume as little energy as possible. The expression used is “green automation”. This includes grippers made of lightweight materials or pneumatic systems with low compressed air consumption, or even intelligent control and ventilation systems.
Compressed air is generated internally and distributed without knowing how much is consumed in total and in individual areas. Without this knowledge, however, there is no motivation to repair leaks or to aim for more economical consumption. An expensive error. Independent research has shown that up to 40 % of compressed air produced is wasted. In an average industrial company, this waste adds up to several thousand rupees per year.
The compressed air flow meter testo 6441 serves to record, monitor, control and document the compressed air consumption, thus ensuring transparency. This increases the motivation of those responsible for the process to undertake cost reduction measures and to save energy.

Production & Quality Assurance
In the end, only quality counts. With Testo measurement technology, you achieve this safely and efficiently. You manufacture goods with a consistently high standard of technology, and invest in the most modern equipment. You are reliant on permanent system availability and process security. One of the most important prerequisites for this is the monitoring of all parameters which influence quality, such as temperature and humidity, but also flow velocity, pressure or gas concentration. Testo offers you absolutely reliable measurement systems with which you can consistently monitor and regulate the production climate and the optimum adjustment of your systems. You increase product quality and reduce energy consumption.

Paint Shop
Quality of the automobile is first based on its look. The look in-turn is based on the quality of paint. While the quality of painting is based on the air supplied for spraying. This air is to be pure dry and hence measurement of Dew-point becomes essential. Dew point transmitter testo 6740 checks for the dryness of compressed air in the painting lines and prevents glewing of material.

Large automotive manufacturers demands from machine suppliers guaranteed statements on the maintenance costs and the system availability to be expected. Downtimes cost hugely, not to mention production losses. Testo measurement technology for industrial thermography simplifies the monitoring of critical areas which threaten to disable operation. With a temperature resolution of < 30 mK, the thermalimager testo 885 makes even the smallest difference visible, its 30° lens records the heat distribution in large image sections. You thus prevent malfunctions and fire risks, and never have to wonder whether, behind the deceptive calm, the system might not just be going out of control.

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